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Digital Scale+

Published on Apr 10, 2016
Last updated on Feb 25, 2023


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Digital Scale+
3D Touch Weight Scale for iPhone

Supported Platforms

iOS + 3D Touch





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  • iOS 12 and later
  • iPhone with 3D Touch*
    • iPhone 6S (regular & Plus)
    • iPhone 7 (regular & Plus)
    • iPhone 8 (regular & Plus)
    • iPhone X
    • iPhone XS (regular & Max)

*This list is exhaustive. The iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone 6 (and older), iPhone SE (all models), iPhone XR, iPhone 11 (and later), are NOT supported, as they do not have 3D Touch.


Leverage the power of 3D Touch on supported iPhone models to weigh objects!

Digital Scale+ is a working, functional weight scale utilising the 3D Touch capabilities on old iPhone models to measure weight. Just open the app in Safari using your iPhone with 3D Touch (see supported devices) and start measuring! Note that the item you weighed must be detected by the touch screen, just like a finger, in order to register a weight.

This 3D touch scale can measure to a max accuracy of ±10g, so hope you enjoy! Read below for more info and instructions.

Since Apple does not allow scale apps into the App Store, you can try out the app online.

To measure the weight of an object, place something on the screen that can be registered as a touch. If it can’t be registered, you can place a metal or conductive/capacitive spoon on the screen, tare the weight and place the object on the spoon. You can tare the weight by touching the weight label.

If you have changed your 3D Touch sensitivity before, please change it in this app’s settings.

On iOS 12 and later, you will be prompted to add the web app to your home screen. By doing so, the app will behave like a native app downloaded from the App Store - even supporting features like iOS 13’s native Dark Mode!


If you’re having trouble using the app, please check the following:

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  • If you see “3D Touch Error” or “No 3D Touch” while attempting to measure weight, your device either doesn’t have 3D Touch, 3D Touch is disabled or interfered (e.g. by a screen protector), the object is too light (below 5g), you’re using an older iOS version, you’re neither using Safari nor the web app, or that you aren’t using one of the supported devices in the list. Please check your device configuration and try again.

  • If you tried using your finger and got some results, but measuring the weight of an object does not provide any response, please make sure the object you’re using is conductive/capacitive and can be registered as a finger touch, such as a metal spoon. For some models, you might need to apply slight pressure or occasionally take the spoon off and back on the screen for your phone to detect that the metal spoon “touches” and can “apply pressure” like a finger.

  • If an item (or the metal spoon) that previously registers as a finger stops registering as one, taking it off the screen and placing it back on again. This is a limitation for attempting to trick your device into thinking a touch input is active.

  • If you see the message “Sorry, this web app requires iOS” but you’re indeed on an iPhone, you may have selected “Request Desktop Site”. Please do not request the desktop site as the web app is not fully compatible with a desktop environment. Note that iPadOS is not supported as no iPad has 3D Touch support.


  • Do not apply more pressure than necessary such that your screen can be damaged or cracked.
  • Maximum weight that can be measured is limited to about 400 grams. Any measurements exceeding that may be wildly inaccurate.
  • While most of the time, the app can provide measurements within 10 grams of accuracy, measurements should only be taken as an estimate within at best 20 grams. Furthermore, the measurements shown are rounded, and you may need repositioning on the screen across trials for higher accuracy.
  • Accuracy has only been tested on a very small sample of supported Apple devices with original screens. Third-party screens or different devices may have higher or lower accuracy. In any case, there can be no guarantees that the result you read is perfectly valid.
  • I’m not liable for any screen scratches or damages to your phone which may arise due to the usage of this app.


This app is open sourced on GitHub and GitLab.

If you found the scale isn’t as accurate as expected, or it isn’t working well, you may send some feedback via the support page and I’ll try to help you out.