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Hello! I'm Wern.
21 y/o independent app developer

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With strong curiosity and a passion to learn more, I've picked up a wide range of interests - from math and science, to art and music, and most notably technology.

I love to look for ways to simplify my work, or make everyday tasks more enjoyable and easier to accomplish. Hence, when I stumbled across programming courses online in 2015, I was hooked!


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Publishing these apps and more online has allowed me to learn a lot of details. Not only for programming, but also for customer support, UI and UX design conventions, user expectations, marketing strategies and more!

Over the years, I've also familiarised myself with many programming, scripting, styling and markup languages and technologies. I have a strong preference of using Unix and Linux environments as well. :)

Programming Languages and Technologies

Svelte Bash Java Node.js MySQL TypeScript Swift Python Git JavaScript C (Programming Language) C++ (Programming Language) HTML CSS SCSS
Some programming languages and technologies I'm familiar with.

That aside, I do have other things I love to spend my time on. For instance, I may draw on the side for fun, or graphic design, like for this very site - Wern Central!


Distant Night [Artwork] Express Path [Artwork] It'll be okay [Artwork]
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Also, I love editing videos! It gives a lot of room for creative interpretation on how details can be conveyed. I've done a few for fun, and some for events and projects.


AppVenture Trailer 2021 NUS Skating Halloween 2023 Reel
Some videos I've edited over the years. Browse all...

That's all for now! Thank you for stopping by! :)

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Many of my apps are currently provided for free with no hidden costs. If you enjoy what I do and would like to support the continual maintenance of apps I made, you sure can here!

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If you need customer support or assistance for software products, please visit:


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