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Published on Nov 1, 2021
Last updated on Apr 4, 2023


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A Whiteboard for Everybody

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Loci has a simple UI, is responsive, works everywhere, and is web-first - supporting all major browsers and devices.
A real-time collaborative whiteboarding webapp. Works everywhere!

Available on all your devices

Loci is web-first and you can doodle across all your mobile and desktop devices1 without bloated installs. And, it works perfectly with your stylus too — we’ve built in palm rejection, pressure sensitivity, and more!2

Built for real-time collaboration

A math question about finding the locus is handwritten, with its locus graph drawn, in Loci

No laggy syncing, no editing conflicts, and no whiteboard manhunts! Strokes are rendered as they are drawn, and you can track other users’ screens automatically, even across breakout whiteboards.

Create lasting memories together

A number of drawings doodled on Loci

Showcase your creativity on the infinite canvas with friends and family through doodle sessions, DnD campaigns, and more! There are even built-in templates for you to get started right away.


  1. Supports the latest modern versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Opera, running on Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, macOS, iPadOS, iOS or Android. Other Blink (Chromium), Gecko (Firefox) and WebKit (Safari) -based browsers, like Brave, Yandex, etc. should be supported but are not tested.

  2. Palm rejection requires an active stylus connected to a compatible device. Pressure and tilt sensitivity requires supported hardware and software, and is applied to the standard Pen and Highlighter respectively. An active stylus with a physical eraser tip or erase button will work with the Eraser. Check with manufacturer for drivers or built-in compatibility.