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NUS High Helper

Published on Jan 17, 2019
Last updated on Feb 25, 2023

This application has been archived and discontinued, and may no longer be available.


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NUS High Helper

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Quick unofficial tool to help you around things related to NUS High School.

Easily check the canteen queue from the app, without even being in the canteen! You’ll be able to plan your time more wisely before you rush down to the canteen only to be too late as the queue is excessively long.

With quick and easy live indoor and outdoor navigation systems, navigating to an obscure place within NUS High has never been easier. Easily search for a location, such as a class, and you’ll be able to get directions to said place.

eStudentID Cards can be generated for identification purposes (note that this is unofficial and will not be replacing your real student ID card for identification) so you can easily identify yourself at places that allows the use of eStudentID Card.

Have important homework or tasks to do and don’t want to forget about them? This app makes it extremely easy for you to add your tasks. With Task Title autocompletion, it’s extremely easy to write down your Tasks to remind yourself. For example, typing “Phys Prac 2” as the Task Title will automatically be converted to “Physics Practical 2” by the app. Add a due date, reminder date and some additional notes if you like as well.

Ever want to fill up a form that you received in your email but couldn’t find it due to the sheer amount of ‘spam’ in your mailbox? Fear no more, the app can scan your mailbox to instantly give you the direct link to every form that you’ve received recently. And with automatic categorization, you can easily filter the type of form you’re looking for.

Download now and enjoy!


  • This app, while created by a member in AppVenture, is, as of writing, not endorsed by or affiliated with AppVenture of NUS High.
  • Authentication is required to fully use the app. If not authenticated, some example data may be shown.
  • Some features may not be supported on the iOS version of the app.