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Phone Security Alarm

Published on Sep 16, 2015
Last updated on May 22, 2023

This application has been archived and discontinued, and may no longer be available.


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Phone Security Alarm
Anti-theft app

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You may test out the lite version before purchasing the full version.


Phone Security Alarm is a high quality app that can notify you when your phone is touched or taken whenever you are not aware.

Whether it is your family members, friends or even strangers trying to intrude into your phone privacy, this app not only will shock them with its loud alarm but also alert you. Unlike other apps (which only detects motion), this app can also identify whether your phone is in your pocket, bag, or even trigger an alarm when any external ferromagnetic objects are moved!


Desktop Mode

  • Triggers alarm when phone is taken from desktop.

Pocket/Bag Mode

  • Triggers alarm when phone is taken out from your pocket/bag.

Magnetic Interference Mode

  • Triggers alarm when phone is moved or when a [nearby ferro-magnetic object] is stolen. The first and only mobile phone app supporting this feature.
  • Works best when the object is placed near the top right of the phone, which is where the sensor is usually located.

Charger Unplugged

  • Triggers alarm when charger is unplugged, if it was plugged in.

Headphones Unplugged

  • Triggers alarm when headphones are unplugged, if it was plugged in.


  • Auto-arms only when you are ready. No need to pick a mode like previous versions. Smartest arm-mechanism available yet.


  • Delays alarm sound when movement of the device “looks like” the owner picking up, and doesn’t when it looks a lot more like a thief. The first and only app supporting this feature.

Thief Capture

  • Captures images of the thief, while at the same time record the location of your phone overtime.

Realistic lock screen

  • Pick your own wallpaper to match the gorgeous lock screen.
  • Discrete alarm delays, accompanied with SmartDelay
  • Vibrates when alarm is set or about to be triggered.
  • All external buttons disabled, thanks to Guided Access.
  • Since external buttons are disabled, easily wake screen by double-tapping on it, if the screen turns off.
  • The only app to fully intergrate with Guided Access.
  • Touch ID supported with Guided Access.
  • The only security alarm with a lock screen this “real”.


This app is currently unavailable due to past App Store Review issues. It may no longer be available.

If you have previously purchased this app, you may still download it from the App Store. Contact me if you need help.