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Published on Oct 16, 2017
Last updated on May 22, 2023

This application has been archived and discontinued, and may no longer be available.


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How fast can you react?

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NOTICE: This app is not actively maintained.

A simple game to test your reflexes when you’re bored. Tap any new object that appears to catch it. Then drag the objects or tilt your device to move those stuff that you caught around the screen. And slowly watch them pile up and vanish for no reason, while you should be doing something more productive*. If you’re still bored, take the mini-version of the game with you on your Apple Watch, which also works either by tapping the screen or turning the Digital Crown. You can basically play this game on your watch under the table, without even looking at the watch**, while in a boring meeting***. Basically, this is just a quick game to play when you’re too bored or unable to play anything else.

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*Really, you should be doing something more productive by the way, not wasting your time on this game.

**Apple Watch Haptic feedback or Sound needs to be turned on to play without looking.

***Apple Watch set to Silent Mode to best experience this. Not recommended to avoid getting fired by your boss or whatever.